Treating and Preventing Thrush

Thrush is an infection that is caused by an imbalance of yeast in a baby’s mouth. We all have yeast in our mouths which aides in digestion. The same yeast, candida albicans, is also the culprit of diaper rashes and vaginal yeast infections.

Oral thrush can affect baby’s of any age, yet those under six months of age are most likely to develop the infection. Though it may not seem to bother baby at all, in adults the symptoms include a burning feeling and discomfort swallowing. ┬áThe infection can occur in and around baby’s mouth. It is visible and easily identified by its white patches. These patches cannot be rubbed away and may spread over time. Since the same yeast is involved in thrush as diaper rash, the two can occur at the same time. Extra care should be taken to change diapers frequently to prevent additional troubles with yeast. Additional risks include a breastfeeding mom taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause an unhealthy amount of yeast to accumulate.

The key to treatment is to not only remedy the excess yeast but prevent passing it back. Thrush can be passed between mother to baby and also from items that come into contact with baby’s mouth. It can also be passed while breastfeeding. Extra care should be taken to keep nipples clean and be mindful of any signs of a yeast issue on them as well. They can be treated separately if necessary to prevent thrush from lingering.

Bottles should be sterilized in boiling water after each use, especially the nipples. Pacifiers can be a huge culprit for yeast issues since used throughout the day. They should be gathered together once a day and sterilized using boiling water in the same way you would a bottle nipple.

Thrush is treated by a prescription anti fungal. The medicine is then placed in baby’s mouth using a cotton swab. There is no need to rinse the medication out since it needs to stay in the area as long as possible.

Older babies may be also given lactobacilli containing yogurt. This will naturally replace the balance of good bacteria to control the amount of yeast in baby’s mouth.

Reoccuring cases of thrush may be a sign of other health issues. Since the body’s ability to balance yeast is tied to the immune system, a pediatrician should be consulted every time baby gets a case of thrush.


Organic Baby Food

Quite simply, organic baby food is that which is processed without the use of artificial pesticides and/or synthetic fertilizers. While many note organic food as being either store-bought, garden grown or gathered in the wild, the correct association is certified organic foods, which are produced and labeled according to strict regulatory standards. In a number of countries, including the United States, the use of the word ‘organic’ in the commercial market, without the proper certification, is prohibited by law.

Organic baby food is most commonly found in a supermarket and will be labeled accordingly. Because of it’s nature, organic baby food is more expensive than other types. Processed organic baby food typically includes only those ingredients that are organic and has no artificial food additives. While there seem to a number of benefits to using organic baby food, the most common reason for purchasing this type of product is the overall quality. Increased nutritional value, the absence of residues from artificial pesticides and better taste are all positive benefits of organic baby food.

Organic baby food, because it is believed to be fresher, often carries an improved taste over other baby foods. Because organic farms are small, their products are most commonly sold close to home. Therefore, organic baby food and other products feature a fresher taste simply because they are fresh.

By 2003, organic food products were available in 20,000 natural food stores and 73% of commercial grocery stores. While many believe that organic baby food is helpful, others are not as certain. Some believe that farming and organic fertilization may carry it’s own risks that may be passed along in organic baby food.

The main debate lies with the better approach to manufacturing organic food. Is it more healthy to use artificial and synthetic products in food processing or natural fertilizer and organic farming methods? There are both sides to any debate and the questions surrounding organic baby food is no different. There is legitimate concern over contamination and safety of organic food and products, but an exact determination as to which side of the table is right has yet to be decided.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes. It should not be considered as, or used in conjunction with, professional medical advice or recommended feeding for your infant, toddler or young child. Prior to beginning any food preparation involving the use of organic baby food, consult your child’s physician for additional information and/or a recommendation regarding the use of organic baby food as part of your child’s food intake.

Home Safety And Your Baby

When you first have a newborn baby, you are very protective of it. You are always afraid of something happening to it. Well when you are at home you should not be afraid of anything happening to it because you are there and it should be safe. Keeping your baby safe at home is very important. First, prevent people from coming to your home that are going to smoke, or do any type of drugs, this is your first line of defense for your baby.

To be safe, when you are at home by yourself lock all the doors, this is vital if you live in a big city. Other than other people, to keep your baby from getting injured at home the best thing to do is a buy safety thing for all over the house. Prevention of problems will include the ability of the baby to walk away, or get to the swimming pool. Prevent problems in the home by locking doors, windows, cupboards and garages with locks that a baby or toddler can’t open.

You probably would not want to have animals like a dog or a cat around your baby until it gets older. A pet can maul a baby, or a toddler when the pet is not accustomed to being around children all the time. Avoid having a cat near the baby, so the cat doesn’t cuddle up on the face of the baby, which will then smoother the baby without your realizing what is happening.

When you put your baby to sleep at night make sure that it falls asleep on it’s back because of crib death. Crib death is when a baby suffocates to death. Also, keep loose blankets out of the crib. The crib is a place for the baby to sleep, not to play. The crib should have bars that are close enough, so the baby can’t slip through, and the crib should have bars so that the head of the baby can’t slip through and get stuck. Avoid potential problems and situations where your baby could easily be hurt.

Once your baby starts to crawl, the best thing for you to get is a walker to let it learn how to walk. If you have steps in your home, the ‘thing to get’ is those child gates. They have them at most department stores if you don’t know where to purchase them. This will prevent your child from falling down the steps. You could even use them in doorways to rooms that you don’t want the child in without you. If you have animals, you could even use the gates to keep the animals away from the baby.

Once your child starts to walk you should keep things back away from the edge of the counters and the table. If you drink coffee, you should definitely keep that away so it is not reachable. You should not let any thing that is small laying around because if you do so this it will help so that your baby does not choke on anything. Just remember to lock all the doors when you are there by yourself. Any thing like this will help you keep your child safe at home.

Breastfeeding Is Best For Your Baby

Breastfeeding is without any doubt the most excellent means to nourish your newly born baby. It has got a lot of benefits as compared to feeding with a bottle and barely any drawbacks. More than one million babies pass away every year because of being given formula!

Breast milk makes available just the right nutrition, which your baby requires and also shields them from any diseases. Research has established that to a large extent kids who were breast-fed acquire a lesser rate of allergies, diarrhea, rashes, ear infectivity, hospital admittance and additional medical troubles than kids who were given formula.

Formula for a baby is prepared from the milk of a cow. However the trouble with formula is that it includes a separate kind of protein than the human milk and it does not include the appropriate nutrition, which babies require as well. Human babies have difficulty in processing this particular protein and consequently they are more often than not a great deal fatter than babies who are breast fed. Breast milk has got at least a hundred constituents that are not present in formula.

When a child is being breast fed by the mother, the antibodies of the mother are moreover transmitted to the infant. This shields the infant from ailments and sicknesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, botulism, staphylococcal infections, ear infections and measles. About 80 % of the cells that are present in breast milk are cells, which destroy fungi, bacteria and viruses!

Contrasting to feeding from a bottle, breast feeding lets the mother embrace her infant close to her many times every day. The baby would feel a sensation of safety because of this and would make a better bonding with the mom. Nursing is a measure of reassurance and affection for a baby.

If you are thinking of breast feeing your baby, you ought to be conscious that it can be a bit hurting when you begin to do it for the first time. In addition, the nipples might get engorged, cracked, or sore. You will have to feed on a regular basis or your breasts would feel a bit tender for the reason of being a lot full. You would be a lot more attached to your kid rather than a mother who feeds formula.

After you have had the baby, you are supposed to breast feed in a little while, if possible amid one hour of delivery. You will not be making milk up till now however you would be having colostrum that is a liquid that consists of antibodies against any ailments. Newborn babies have to be fed no less than every 2 hours. When they grow a little older they would fall on a more normal schedule.

If you have become a new mother you would surely wish to provide the baby the most excellent care you can. Breast milk is the way you could do this. Breast milk consists of the whole lot that your baby requires and would make him a great deal healthier and happier.